Thank you for volunteering and helping make a difference! Use the following links to volunteer for a shift at the fridge of your choice:

Third Ward fridge (Exchange to Change)
Bellaire / Meyerland (GGC Health Life and Insurance)
Alief (D’Hope Services)
Alief (On Da House Tapioca)

If I want to volunteer, what are my duties?

Stocking and monitoring the fridge! You will be helping stock with items that have been purchased with money raised from the GoFundMe. We will also be monitoring the fridges and cabinets, making sure they are cleaned and up to health code standards.

How long is a volunteering shift?

We would like to have each person stay for 3 hours each shift, but if it isn’t possible — no worries! As long as there is someone there to watch, everything will work out fine. If there are any issues, just shoot us a DM and we can work out the arrangement.

I can’t volunteer in person, but I want to help! How could I do that?

Join our GroupMe! It is filled with compassionate people with great ideas. If you can’t help in person, we could always brainstorm behind the scenes. This includes designing, speaking to businesses in your area, and more. DM us for more information and we can assist you.

If you have any questions, please DM us on Instragram or Twitter!