Thank you for donating and helping out!
Please try to follow these general guidelines with the fridges:

— Sanitize hands, wear a mask, wear gloves, disinfect non-perishables
— No expired or opened foods
— Do not leave food on the ground
— No homemade foods
— No raw meats
— Wash all produce beforehand
— Label and date all perishables on container
— Make sure all containers are sealed
— First in, first out: keep newer items in the back to ensure they don’t spoil

How do I donate food? Where do I sign up?

You do not need to sign up to donate! Just make sure you follow the above guidelines when donating. Each fridge has particular opening and closing hours and dates: any time during that time is perfect for donating.

Should I donate food or money?

Both are great options — if you’re looking for a more “direct” way to help, donating food straight to the fridge is best! For funding that will go towards products, packages, and repairs money will help with those projects!

What non-food related items can I donate?

Soaps (bar, dish, body) — toothpaste gloves  — shampoo and conditioner — razors — band-aids — plastic utensils — deoderant —   baby wipes — hand sanitizer — laundry detergent — coloring books — combs/brushes — vaselines and lotions — tampons — pantyliners/pads — wash cloths — etc.

if you have any questions, please DM us on Instragram or Twitter!